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Aquaponic Garden of Eden (by Eden, age 8)


This is my Aquaponic Garden of Eden.

Aquaponic Garden of Eden

Aquaponics is where aquaculture is combined with hydroponics. Aquaculture is the raising animals such as fish in tanks, and Hydroponics is where plants are grown in water.

The fish and the plants are in a symbiotic relationship as they help each other. The fish go to the toilet in the water which is food for the plants. The plants clean the water for the fish.

The water is pumped around pipes which the plants sit in without any soil. The plant roots touch the water to get the nutrients. We would use solar panels to pump the water to be eco-friendly. Using this method, a lot of plants can be grown in a small space and it is very efficient as there is no water lost in the soil.

We can eat the fish and vegetables for school lunch as they are healthy. The fish has Omega 3 which is good for the brain so we can learn more so our teachers would be very happy!

I would also add chickens, bees and fruit plants to my farm. Chickens can lay eggs that we can eat at breakfast club with soldiers. The chicken poop would be used as manure for the fruit trees. We can grow fruits on the trees for lunch. We could also have bees because they are in decline and my Grandma (who is a beekeeper) says we need more bees. The bees are very useful as they would also pollenate the plants and give us honey.

We could harvest our own Black Fly larvae which would be food for the chickens and the fish which they find very tasty. The Black Fly larvae can eat our scraps. The larvae are self-harvesting, as when they are big enough they crawl up a slope and fall into the water to be eaten by the fish or into a bowl the chickens eat from. Black Fly larvae are also very high in protein if you want to eat them yourself?!

The farm is low maintenance, and a Raspberry Pi computer can check the pump is working and control the temperature of the greenhouse by opening and closing vents. If there is a problem during the holidays, the Raspberry Pi could send us a message. We can learn to program the Raspberry Pi using Scratch.

If we get our aquaponics farm working well, we could also tell the school in Ghana how we did it and what we learnt from it.

About the author

I am aged 8. I like dancing, gymnastics, karate, and singing. My favourite colour is aqua-turquoise. When I am older I would like to be a teacher. I like animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits and horses.

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