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Isaac's aquaponic farm (by Isaac, age 7)


My farm will use aquaponics which is where you have fish and plants together.

The fish and the plants are in a symbiotic relationship, which means they help each other.

With aquaponics you can grow a lot of vegetables in a small area.

We can use a Raspberry Pi computer to control the farm so it does not get too hot or too cold. We can program the Raspberry Pi using Scratch.

We can collect water from the school roof.

We can also have chickens and fruit trees on the farm.

We can grow black fly larvae for the chickens and fish to eat.Black Fly larvae are also very high in protein if you want to eat them yourself?

We can eat our own eggs, fish and vegetables for school lunch which are very healthy.

We could also tell the school in Ghana how we did it and what we learnt from it.

Isaac's Aquaponic Farm

About the author

Hi, I am Isaac and I am 7. My favourite thing is martial arts. My second favourite thing is gymnastics. My third favourite thing is building robots. My fifth thing is going to school. My sixth thing is doing science at school. My seventh favourite thing is going on my computer. My eighth thing is spending time with my daddy. My ninth thing is going to bed. My tenth favourite thing is playing outside on the swing.

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