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My Birthday Chickens

On Saturday, we got eight chickens for my birthday! Violent Violet, Penelope Peacock, Snowwhite, Burnt Marshmellow, Grandma, Penny Polka-dot (Warmachine), Willy Wonka and Caramel Charlie.

My favourite is Charlie, (a) because she's soft and (b) because she's not fussy.

After a couple of days I have got used to having eight chickens and I hope they live long xxx


Violent Violet

Violent Violet has a very special story. First, we had our four chickens but three very sadly got eaten by a fox. Violet was the only one who was smart enough to get away.

She was kept safe at Farmer Jo's for a couple of weeks because we needed to get the chicken run fence done. Meanwhile Violet met lots of friends at Jo's. Finally, Violet came home and we bought seven other chicks for Violet to make friends with. The chicks are all different colours so we can tell the difference.


About the author

I am aged 8. I like dancing, gymnastics, karate, and singing. My favourite colour is aqua-turquoise. When I am older I would like to be a teacher. I like animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits and horses.

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