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Space Invader Cases

We designed the Space Invader case using AutoDesk Inventor. Then we cut the case out using a laser cutter.

These space Invaders cases will have fit the Arduino, Netduino and Raspberry Pi’s.

We made the case to also fit our capsule that we want to send to space using a helium weather balloon that will also have a camera on it. They can then take photos of the Earth and fall from space and land on Earth by parachute. And you have a tracking device.

We are now looking for a manufacturer who we can send the designs to, so that we can sell them in larger quantities on Amazon and eBay.

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Hi, I am Isaac and I am 7. My favourite thing is martial arts. My second favourite thing is gymnastics. My third favourite thing is building robots. My fifth thing is going to school. My sixth thing is doing science at school. My seventh favourite thing is going on my computer. My eighth thing is spending time with my daddy. My ninth thing is going to bed. My tenth favourite thing is playing outside on the swing.

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