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Eden's House of the Future

My discovery detective is a hovering bungalow with over 10 rooms. I did it on a website call roomsketcher, where people can design houses that are whatever they want them to be.

I have lots of sports rooms such as: rollerskating, football, gymnastics, swimming, and lots more.

It has TV walls and reclining sofas, a bed that warms up and cools back down.

It will have solar panels so you don't have to pay for electricity.

I got my mum and dad to help me. They helped me think of rooms and right in my booklet. Me and my brother helped each other by suggesting and sharing ideas.

About the author

I am aged 8. I like dancing, gymnastics, karate, and singing. My favourite colour is aqua-turquoise. When I am older I would like to be a teacher. I like animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits and horses.

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