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Isaac's House of the Future

What is your idea for the Bar Hill house of the future?

My idea is for an under grand bunker that has solar panels.

How did you design your house?

To design the house I used


What is in your house?

The house has many rooms. The L-shaped one is for playing in for kids. The big one is for skating in. The blue one is for swiming in. The one in the left coner is for runing in. The one next to the swimming pool room is the office. The one below the office is the football room. The room above the swimming pool is the lounge. The one next to this is the bathroom. We have a room for aquaponics which means we can are food and drinks. The spiral staircase goes up out of the bunker into regular home.

Who helped you with your design?

My dad, my big sister, and my little sister helped me with my design.

About the author

Hi, I am Isaac and I am 7. My favourite thing is martial arts. My second favourite thing is gymnastics. My third favourite thing is building robots. My fifth thing is going to school. My sixth thing is doing science at school. My seventh favourite thing is going on my computer. My eighth thing is spending time with my daddy. My ninth thing is going to bed. My tenth favourite thing is playing outside on the swing.

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