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Tesla Referral Program UK

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X pictured at RTec Auto Design in St Albans, UK

Tesla Referral Program

As a Tesla owner, we can give friends benefits with our Tesla Referral code. The Tesla referral program in the UK allows for new purchasers to get free supercharging of a Model S and Model X. There are approximately 50 superchargers in the UK (reference: Tesla Superchargers). Superchargers deliver energy rapidly, and gradually slow down as the battery fills. Your vehicle automatically alerts you when it has enough energy to continue the trip and with the extensive network of Superchargers along popular routes, charging above 80% isn’t typically necessary. To find out more about Supercharging, see

Up until the 16th September 2018, referrals will get unlimited free supercharging. After which, referrals get 1 year free supercharging.

Alternatively, you can use the referral to subscribe to the mailing list, we both have a chance to race a giant electric semi truck around our test track. There will be additional prizes and trophies for the best track times.


As a thank you for the referral, Tesla owners will be given awards for qualifying referrals as follows:

1 to 2 Qualifying Referrals

Either a signature black wall connector or a Founders Series Tesla Model S for Kids.

3 Qualifying Referrals

Early access tokens for the Tesla Solar Roof.

4 Qualifying Referrals

Either 21" Arachnid Wheels for Model S / 22" Turbine Wheels for Model X, or one week with a Tesla Model S or X.

5 Qualifying Referrals

A Tesla unveiling invitation or a Founders Series Powerwall 2.


For more information, please see

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Tesla Referral

Get unlimited free supercharging with a new Model S or Model X.